In-Branch Professionals

Our in-branch Credential Asset Management Inc. specialists are eager to help counsel you on any important financial decisions you need to make. They'll work with you and help you achieve your financial goals, every step of the way. Meet them here, then go to the branch where they work and meet them there!

  • Cal Anger, Wealth Consultant, Henderson Branch
  • Cheryl Crowe, Mutual Fund Investment Specialist, Portage Avenue Branch 
  • Cory Papineau, Mutual Fund Investment Specialist, Pembina & Bairdmore Branch
  • Gloria Nicol, Mutual Fund Investment Specialist, Garden City Branch
  • Jane Czuboka, Mutual Fund Investment Specialist, Charleswood Branch
  • Kim Tachan, Wealth Consultant, Main at York Branch
  • Lisa Matwyko, Wealth Consultant, Harrow Branch
  • Mike Tarabalka, Wealth Consultant, St. Vital Branch

Mutual funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc.


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