Financial Assessment

Financial fitness, just like physical fitness, can be a bit of a workout; working out a budget, working out priorities. The last thing we want is for you to become exhausted or discouraged before you start to see some results. That's why we're here to offer you the services of a personal financial coach: MoneyFit!

Your financial wellness (and we all have our own ideas of what that is), will be helped by developing a plan, putting that plan into action, measuring your progress and making adjustments as you go. Whether your goal is the purchase of your first home, paying for your children's education, paying off a student loan, re-establishing your credit, retiring early or something else entirely, your MoneyFit coach will be there every step of the way. You'll start by meeting with one of our financial advisors to do a free MoneyFit Assessment to determine where you are now and what your personal goals are. Your personal trainer (i.e. financial advisor) will work with you and develop a simple and achievable MoneyFit plan. You'll have to do some of the heavy lifting, but the good news is you can connect with your MoneyFit advisor as often as you need to for advice, to do some fine tuning of your plan, and to adjust which ACU products and services you want to use to get you where you want to go.

You too can get MoneyFit!

Top 10 ways MoneyFit can help you

  1. Pay down credit card debt
  2. Own your home sooner
  3. Make sure your investments are working for you
  4. Take a vacation
  5. Save for your children's education
  6. Build an emergency fund
  7. Retire early
  8. Leave a legacy for your loved ones
  9. Give to your favourite charity
  10. Know where your money is going

Ready to sign up and get MoneyFit?

Schedule a MoneyFit assessment:

By phone: 204.958.8588 or toll-free 1.877.958.8588 Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm and Saturday, 9am – 4pm

By email: drop us a quick note (don't include any financial/banking info) any time at

Up close and personal: drop in to any branch and we'll get you going


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