In-Branch Wealth Services

Financial assessment

It just makes sense; in order to figure out where you're going, you need a clear idea of where you are, right now. Having the guidance of a professional, who can take an unbiased, objective look at your overall financial health, is critical in making smart, informed choices moving forward. Still make sense? Great, then come in and let's do a thorough financial assessment, together. 

Meet the team

Meet our Credential Asset Management team, who'll work with you to determine which types of investments best meet your specific needs and goals, for now and for the future.

In-Branch Professionals Branch Address
Cal Anger, Wealth Consultant Henderson Branch 
655 Henderson Hwy
Cheryl Crowe, Mutual Fund Investment Specialist Portage at School Rd Branch 
3217 Portage Ave
Cory Papineau, Mutual Fund Investment Specialist Pembina at Bairdmore Branch 
2659 Pembina Hwy
Gloria Nicol, Mutual Fund Investment Specialist Garden City Branch 
2211 McPhillips St
Jane Czuboka, Mutual Fund Investment Specialist Charleswood Branch 
5930 Roblin Blvd
Kim Tachan, Wealth Consultant Main at York Branch 
200 Main St
Lisa Matwyko, Wealth Consultant Harrow Branch 
100-900 Harrow Ave East
Mike Tarabalka, Wealth Consultant St. Vital Branch 
1210 St. Mary’s Rd

Mutual funds and financial planning are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc. 

®Credential is a registered mark owned by Aviso Wealth Inc.


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