Before you or your child even steps foot into a new school, you've got some studying and homework to do. Plan for those years at college or university now and you'll be far ahead of the game. Consider it prepping for a big exam that lasts four or five years!

Planning for Post-Secondary Education

Welcome to Post-Secondary Economics 101, where you'll learn how to get a handle on costs for your own post-secondary education, or a family member's. There's some homework you'll need to do, but first we have some questions for you.

Financing a Post-Secondary Education

Even when you’ve scrimped, saved and worked hard to afford it, you might still need a little help closing the gap between your income and your tuition and expenses. Follow a suggestion or two here and you'll be able to focus on your education and not on making ends meet.

Saving for Post-Secondary Education

The cost of post-secondary education is already expensive and is expected to rise dramatically over the next 18 years. With a little planning, you can grow your money faster, benefit from government grants and programs and save on taxes, too.

Student Housing Options

If you won't be attending a school close to home, you now have to decide where you're going to live while studying. You basically have three options: living in residence, renting, or taking a big step up and buying a house or condo. What'll it be?


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