We all have dreams, and most of the time, those dreams cost money.

Whatever you’re dreaming of, make ACU part of your investing strategy. We’ll develop a plan built around you. No matter where you’re at in life - saving, investing, or managing your wealth - we have the products and the expertise to create the best plan to help you reach your goals.

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Wealth and Portfolio Management

It all starts with a plan, built around you and your life. Because your life is unique and different from your neighbours; there's family to consider, kids, home, career, parents, goals, income, saving ability. All of those things affect your life and also your financial well-being. We consider it all when creating a personal wealth management plan for you.


The cost of getting an education isn’t nearly as expensive as the cost of going without one. And thanks to today’s government incentives, saving is not even as daunting as studying for and writing exams. But that's your child's problem, right?


Retirement; that blissful, golden time when you can finally relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. The truth is that if you didn't have a wealth plan leading up to retirement, there may not be enough fruit to go around. That’s where we can help.

Estate Planning

Being ready for the changes that come in life will give you and your loved ones greater peace of mind, as well as easing stress in times of need. Wills, powers of attorney, joint accounts; all play a role in ensuring your wishes are met.


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