Service Fees

Here's a list of all of our current service fees.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Intra account transfers free
Manitoba credit union ATM withdrawal free
Manitoba non-credit union ATM withdrawal $1.50
Out-of-Province ding free ATM* free
Out-of Province non-ding free ATM* $2.00
Deposit of US cash or cheque in ATM** $6.50
US withdrawal $3.50
International withdrawal $3.50

*ding free is not available for business accounts. Surcharge free.
**Credit union ATMs do not process US cash or cheques

Cash/Currency - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Canadian Coin handling $2.00 per $100.00
Foreign Currency Processing Fee (other than US) $18.00
Foreign Currency Processing Fee (other than US)
for each additional currency type
For example, if you order Pound Sterling only, the fee is $18.00. If you
order Pound Sterling and Euros you pay $18.00 + $3.00 = $21.00 fee.

Chargebacks / Overdrafts / Returned Items - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Chargeback on CDN funds $5.00 CAD
Chargeback in US funds $15.00 USD
NSF overdraft $5.00
NSF return $40.00

Interest rate charged on overdrafts: 18% per annum

Cheques - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Fees for cheques vary, depending on your account type. Fees for cheques vary depending on the style and quantity of cheques you order. Ask us for details.

Cheque cashing (non-member) $5.00
Collections from another Credit Union $20.00
Collections from another FI $35.00
Hold funds (member/non-member) $5.00
Non MICR/incorrectly encoded cheque/debit $5.00
Post-dated cheque handling $5.00
US cheque on CDN account $20.00

Closing Account - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Within 3 months of opening $12.00
Balance of account (close/transfer out) $10.00

Debit Card Replacement - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Debit card replacement fee $10.00

Drafts - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

CDN/US/Foreign currency (member) $6.50
CDN (non-member) $20.00
Draft stop payment $30.00

Electronic Banking (Online / Mobile / Telephone Banking) - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Monthly fee free
Intra account transfer free
Bill payment $0.50
Point of Sale

Fax Request - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Member $0.50
Non-member $1.00

In-Branch Bill Payment - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Member $1.50
Bill payment recall/refund* $25.00
Bill payment trace $15.00

*For members who require a recall or refund of a bill payment, we will do our best to retrieve the funds on your behalf. This fee will be applied whether the funds are retrieved or not.

Letter Requested by Member - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Interest paid or received $20.00
Bank confirmation $25.00

Money Orders - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Money Order trace $30.00

Night Deposit Bags - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

100 bags $15.00

RRSP / RRIF / TFSA - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Transfer out $50.00/request
Duplicate T4RRSP/T4RRIF/NR4 slip $10.00
T3 filing by Concentra Financial $150.00
     As of March 31, 2018, T3 filing by Concentra Financial will be $175.00
Concentra Financial Consultation/Payout $150.00 minimum
     As of March 31, 2018, minimum consultation/payout fee will be $175.00

Safety Deposit Boxes - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Annual safety deposit box fee:
Small* $32.00 to $45.00
Medium* $62.00 to $120.00
Large* $210.00 to 265.00
*GST is not included in the above prices. Safety deposit box sizes may not be available at every location. For availability, specific sizing and pricing, talk to us.
Safety deposit box drilling:
Includes cost of 2 replacement keys Ask for a quote

Statements - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

In-branch printout $2.00
Duplicate statement $5.00
Self serve (Online Banking) free
Statement suppression free

Stop Payments - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Placing a Stop Payment using:
Member cheque using ACU staff $5.00
Member cheque using Online Banking free
Pre-authorized debit using ACU staff free
If debit returned as Stop: $5.00

Transfers - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Self serve (online/mobile/telephone banking)* Varies by account package
Full service using ACU staff** $5.00
Automated transfer to cover debit $3.00
Interac e-Transfer (sending)*** $1.00
Interac e-Transfer (receiving)*** free

*All cross currency transfers through online or mobile banking are processed at the base tier ($0 - $24,999) rate. Tiered rates for transfers greater than $25,000 are only available in-branch. Please visit the US and Foreign Exchange rates page for current rates.

**Applies to requests done over the phone with ACU staff

***Standard data or text messaging rates may apply

Wire Transfer - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Incoming wires $12.00
Outgoing (CDN funds to CDN FI) $15.00
Outgoing (CDN or US funds to US FI) $25.00
Outgoing (US funds to CDN FI) $25.00
Outgoing (CDN or US funds to outside CAN/US) $30.00
Other charges (incoming transfers from errors/omissions requiring manual retrieval/processing $30.00
Other charges (tracing administration fee) $30.00
Other charges (recall fee) $30.00

* Other charges may apply

†Service fees are effective August 2018
†Service fees reflect per-item charges
†Service fees vary depending on account type
†Service fees are subject to change without notice at any time. For more information visit your nearest branch or call us at 204.958.8588 or toll-free 1.877.958.8588


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