Managing Debt

At some point in everyone's life, debt hits close to home. Every year it seems that Canadian household debt grows more and more. But if you're worried, or you want to avoid getting to that dark place, ACU can help. In fact, we consider it a service to help you take control of your financial affairs and get out out debt. For instance, our low-interest consolidation loans start as low as Prime + 1%, letting you pay off high interest rate debt, sooner. And the sooner that's out of your life, the sooner you'll have less stress and more financial freedom.

There are many benefits to debt consolidation through ACU, and here are a few of them. Talk to one of our financial account managers, let's make a plan and then set that plan in action.

A plan to help put you in control

If you often ask yourself, "How can I get out of debt?", you're in luck because we can help. As you chat with one of us, we'll discuss your current debt situation and suggest ways that you can better manage it. This could include preparing a realistic budget and developing a consolidation strategy to pay your debt down, starting with the highest interest rate debt, like credit cards.

Pay off your debt sooner

By consolidating your debt, we can turn your multiple monthly payments into just one. That's it, easy and suddenly you won't have numbers of bills coming in that you have to pay. You can borrow a bit more at our lower interest rates and put more towards your debt, paying it off faster.

Your home can help you

We're big picture thinkers, and think you could benefit from looking at the equity in your home and using that to secure a low interest rate loan (as low as Prime +1%), take care of your present debt and look ahead to the future. If you'd like, we can help you avoid running into these problems again and help you start saving, now.


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