To put it simply, when you know more, you make better decisions. Whether the world of investing intimidates or excites you, it’s nice to know that you have someone you can rely on to give great advice that could save you money, and increase your investment earning power. We offer a full complement of investment products and services and the expertise to make it work for you.

GICs (Term Deposits)

Looking for the most secure way to save money, with a guaranteed return? Look no further.

Mutual Funds

When it’s pooled with other investors, your money can work even harder. Professional money managers take the guesswork out of putting together the right mix, then watch the savings grow.

Stocks and Bonds

Getting into the market or taking a safer road, our expert advisors can work with you to determine the right mix and invest your money in the best way for you.


Everyone needs to save money. Why not save tax-free? A TFSA is an important part of any investment strategy.


We have the registered products that lower your taxes now while saving for the future. What could be better?


Get ready for your children’s future education by starting an RESP. We can help get you started.


You’ve paid into your RRSP, now it’s time to enjoy. Just keep in mind, there are rules and restrictions about how you make withdrawals. We can help.


Add some ease to the life of someone living with a disability by creating long-term financial security with an RDSP.

Group RRSP

Assiniboine Financial Group can administer your employer-sponsored group RRSP.


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