Switching Your Mortgage

Shopping for a new mortgage isn't like buying a car, or going to a flea market. Our "no haggle guarantee" ensures you get our best and lowest rate, always. Isn't that a relief? It's one more reason you should consider Assiniboine Credit Union for your mortgage. We'll work through the numbers with you to determine the right mortgage for you and whether it's a fixed or variable rate, closed or open term. We'll find you the best down-payment and term-payment options to fit your lifestyle and budget. Plus, we offer many specialty mortgages, including the ACU Islamic Mortgage and the Vacation Property Mortgage. If you're currently banking elsewhere, a no-obligation second opinion from an ACU mortgage specialist could save you thousands in interest costs, or shave years off your mortgage. Hey, we all want to pay off our mortgages sooner and free up some extra money for investments, a child's education or a much-needed vacation trip.

Talk to one of our in-branch mortgage experts for a simple and complete explanation of your options.

Mortgage transfer

Already have a transferable mortgage with another financial institution? We'll take care of all the paperwork, and even notify your existing financial institution that you're moving your mortgage to ACU. There's no charge to switch your mortgage to ACU, as long as your mortgage balance doesn't increase, your mortgage is currently up for maturity, and new mortgage documentation isn't required. Couldn't be easier!

Moving-up mortgage

If you have a conventional mortgage with ACU or with another mortgage provider and you haven't yet built up a lot of equity but are outgrowing your current home, we can help you get where you want to be. We'll sort through it with you and before you know it, you'll be on the move up to a newer, better and bigger home.


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