Home renovations and repairs. Where do you start? Where does it end? And how will you pay for it all? You know the drill. A leak in the bathroom springs up, so you might as well replace the tub and do a reno, right? Or that "little kitchen project" you were planning on turns into a major do-over. But it's all good because not only will you have a more beautiful and functional home, your renovation will increase your home's value.

Making a plan

Careful planning saves money, time and headaches. Will your intended upgrades conform to code? Check with your municipality's building department. They'll let you know what, if any, permits are needed. You might also consider bringing in professional interior designer or contractor at this stage. 

DIY or a contractor?

Do you have the skills needed to do the work yourself? Being able to make a wicked omelette doesn't necessarily qualify you to undertake a complete kitchen makeover. If you have the talents, do you have the time? It never hurts to talk to a tradesperson or contractor and get their thoughts on the complexity of the job you have in mind.

Paying for it all

If you've decided to DIY, figure out what your expenses are for materials and any needed permits or contract work. If you decide to work with a pro, speak to a few contractors to get a better idea of the costs involved. Then add on another 10%-15% as a contingency. Now, come talk to us at ACU and we'll figure out how to make it all happen for you, with a personal loan or a simple mortgage adjustment.

Found a fixer-upper?

ACU can help, with a mortgage that includes your renovation costs. First, ACU will figure out the right mortgage for you. Then, you estimate the cost for your renovations and we'll appraise your property. Chances are good your home's value will increase with your planned renos, so we'll put together a mortgage that includes some (or all) of your renovation costs.

The credit you need, right at home

The ACU Home Advantage Plan gives you credit for the equity you've built in your home, at an exceptionally low rate! Use it for home renos and upgrades, consolidate your credit cards, finance your children's education, or take a well-deserved dream holiday. You decide when and how to spend your money. And as the value of your home goes up, you can access your equity faster, while avoiding related fees.


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