Mortgage Renewals

Renewing your ACU mortgage is easy. Get prepared as you approach your maturity date and explore your renewal options.

How it works

Your mortgage loan is renewable at the end of every term if your amortization period has not finished. You can renew your mortgage loan agreement with the same term or you can select different mortgage options by choosing a new term or a new rate.

Get an early start and expert advice

We recommend starting the renewal process early. Take this opportunity to review your current financial situation and make the right choice based on where you’re at today. We’ll call you before your renewal date to discuss your preferences and future plans. You can also call us or visit any of our branches whenever you’re ready.

Our 90-day Renewal Guarantee

Our 90-day renewal guarantee will protect you from a potential increase in interest rates for the interest type and term you selected, during the 90-day period leading up to your scheduled renewal date. If the interest rate changes before your actual renewal date, you’ll automatically receive the lower rate for the term and type you chose.

No Re-qualification Required

If you're renewing an ACU mortgage, you don't have to re-qualify at renewal time. If your mortgage is held by another financial institution, we can make it easy to switch to ACU.

We’re Here to Help

Book an appointment to discuss your mortgage renewal or new mortgage needs with one of our financial advisors at a branch and time that works for you.


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