Lines of Credit

A line of credit is ideal if you want easy and quick access to money for a variety of needs. It's like carrying around cash in your pocket. A single application establishes a credit line that gives you immediate access to funds up to your approved limit. It can save you money in the long run because it comes with a lower interest rate than most credit cards and some loans.

Line of Credit

Get immediate access to pre-approved funds whenever you want. And there's no need to reapply every time you need extra funds.

Overdraft Protection

With overdraft protection, you get a cushion of short term credit that protects your chequing account in those times when expenses may be coming at you faster than expected.

RRSP Line of Credit

If you don’t have the cash available to make your annual RRSP contribution an RRSP line of credit can help you make a contribution, maximize this year’s contribution or take advantage of unused carry-forward amounts.

Student Line of Credit

As a student, you face a lot of expenses, especially if you're attending school away from home. The best way to access cash when you need it is with a student line of credit.

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Apply for a Line of Credit

Get immediate access to cash with a line of credit from Assiniboine. Get approved once and you're good to go. Apply online today. When we get your information, we'll set up a meeting to finalize the details. To get started, just click the Apply Now button below.


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