Sometimes, everyone needs a helping hand. Whether you’re looking to borrow a little or a lot, short-term or long-term, we can help get what you want with competitive loans and flexible repayment options. We’re here to help make it happen!

Credit Payment Protection

You work hard to acquire the things you want. If something should go wrong and you’re unable to make payments on your loan or mortgage, we have credit insurance options that can help out.

Credit Cards

From cards with no annual fee to cards with enhanced Choice Rewards, we have an answer for virtually every credit card need. Apply in-branch or online today!


A new car, a new kitchen or a dream vacation… no matter the dream, we have the money-saving alternatives to the more expensive credit card loans.

Lines of Credit

It’s like having cash in your pocket. Get immediate access to a pre-approved amount whenever you need it.


With pre-approval in as little as 24 hours, competitive rates, customizable options and expert advice, we can help you take years and thousands of dollars off your mortgage.


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Referring a friend can pay!

Refer a new member and you could win a monthly prize!