Avoiding Cheque Cashing Services

Cheque cashing services and money stores are a very expensive way of getting your cash. We thought we'd offer you an option.

Let's say you get paid twice this month, for $200 each time. A cheque cashing service would normally take at least 3% of each cheque, in this case $6, or $12 a month just to access your own money. And you're left with a wallet full of cash that you could lose.

Or, you can open a chequing account at ACU. Ours are affordable and come with the added perks of a debit card, online banking and an easy way to pay bills. Everything's included in your low monthly chequing account fee!

Now, here's something else to consider. Most employers and all levels of government can pay you by direct deposit. This means your money will be deposited straight into your account with no holds, so it is available to you right away. If you need information to set up direct deposit, just contact us or visit your nearest branch. If you aren't able to set up a direct deposit for all payments you receive, your ACU bank account is still a better option than a cheque cashing business. You can deposit your cheque into your account and then access your money through any branch, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or Interac.


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