Telephone Banking

At ACU we are continually working to improve your banking experience. We have upgraded our automated telephone banking system on September 22, 2020, to a system that is widely used by top financial institutions across North America. Please review the following information to access your accounts.

Pay bills quickly and easily by connecting with ACU through your mobile phone or landline. Manage your money whenever you want, at home or on the go. Our automated service is easy to use and is available 24/7. 


  • get balance and transaction information
  • transfer funds between your accounts
  • pay bills
  • change your Telephone Access Code (TAC)

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If you've never used Telephone Banking before, talk to us.

Visit any ACU branch or call our Member Communication Centre and we'll set up your Telephone Banking Agreement and a Telephone Access Code (TAC) which you'll use to securely access your account information using your telephone.

Your Telephone Access Code can be changed after the first time you sign in to Telephone Banking.

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If you are new to Telephone Banking and signed up after September 22, 2020

To sign in, you'll use your member number and the Telephone Access Code provided to you for your first sign-in. As a first task for your first sign-in, change your Telephone Access Code to a number between 6 and 8 digits.

Please see Navigating the New Telephone Banking tab for accessing your accounts.

If you've used Telephone Banking prior to September 22, 2020

When the new telephone banking service is launched on September 22, you will sign in differently. Yes, the new telephone banking system will remember you, but with different personal credentials.

  • In the past, you signed in using the number from your debit card. With our new telephone banking, you’ll use your 8-digit member number. You can find this number when you sign in to online banking on your main page, under Account Summary. Or you can find it in the ACU mobile banking app, by selecting “Accounts”, then “Account Details” for a specific account. Your member number will display as Login ID. Our member communication centre is there to assist you if you need help finding your member number at 204.958.8588 (toll-free 1.877.958.8588). 
  • The first time you sign in, your Telephone Access Code will be the last four digits of your Social Insurance Number (SIN). After you sign in for the first time, you’ll be asked to create a new password (4 to 8 digits). For your own protection and privacy, please use a number between 6 and 8 digits.
  • After you've used the new Telephone Banking the first time, you will sign in with your member number and the Telephone Access Code you chose.

If you don't have a Social Insurance Number listed with us, please let us know, and we'll help you get you started. Our Member Communication Centre is available to assist you at 204.958.8588 (toll-free 1.877.958.8588).

Please see Reaching and navigating the New Telephone Banking tab for accessing your accounts.

Adding or deleting bill payees Expand/Collapse

  • In the past, you made changes to your bill payees in telephone banking. For enhanced security purposes, you will now make changes to your bill payees through digital banking.
  • Rest assured, if you need assistance adding bill payees a branch or member communication centre representative will be happy to set them up for you.
  • Any bill payees you set up before September 22, 2020 will still be there when you sign into the new telephone banking service.
  • For enhanced security purposes, Member to Member transfers will no longer be available through telephone banking. If you wish to transfer money to another member you will be able to do so:
    • Through online banking or the mobile app: member to member transfers show in “transfer to” options.
    • In branch: either with your current member to member agreement, or with the 12-digit account number of the person you would like to transfer money to.

Registered and TFSA accounts Expand/Collapse

Registered and TFSA accounts in Telephone Banking are inquiry-only. Balances and transactions on those accounts are available for review.

Reaching and navigating the new Telephone Banking Expand/Collapse

  1. Call 204.958.8588 (in Winnipeg) or 1.877.958.8588 (toll-free outside Winnipeg, but within Canada). 
  2. Press 4 for ACU telephone banking. This will bring you to the Telephone Banking main menu.

Telephone Banking main menu

  • For the Account Information menu , Press 1. (for details on the Account Information menu, see below)
  • To end call press 9 or hang up.
  • To repeat Menu enter #

Account Information menu

This is where you sign in.

  • Enter your member number followed by #
  • Enter your Telephone Access Code followed by #

Based on your type of accounts and setup, the menu options could be as follows:

  • For Chequing account information, Press 1. You will then hear a listing of all 12-digit chequing account numbers. Once you select an account, you will be able to:
    • Check your current balance and most recent deposit, by Pressing 1.
    • Review transactions, by Pressing 2. The transaction menu will include the following options: for recent cheques Press 1, for recent deposits Press 2, for recent transactions Press 3, for a specific cheque Press 4, for transactions and cheques by date range Press 5.
    • Transfer funds to and from your chequing and other accounts- you can transfer to and from any of your chequing or savings accounts from this menu, by Pressing 3. Chequing to Chequing (1), Chequing to Savings (2), Savings to Chequing (3), Savings to Savings (4),
  • For Savings account information (registered or non-registered Savings) information, Press 2. You will then hear a listing of all 12-digit savings account numbers. Once you select an account, you will be able to:
    • Check your current balance and recent deposits by pressing 1.
    • Review deposits and other transactions by pressing 2.
    • Transfer funds to and from your savings and other accounts- you can transfer to and from any of your chequing or savings accounts by pressing 3.
  • For Term Deposit information, Press 3. You will then hear a listing of all 12-digit Term Deposit numbers. Once you select a Term Deposit, you will be able to:
    • Check your current balance by pressing 1.
    • Review your transactions by pressing 2.
    • Review your Term Deposit’s interest information by pressing 3.
  • For Loan information, Press 4. You will then hear a listing of all 12-digit Loan numbers. Once you select a loan, you will be able to:
    • Check your current balance and recent payments by pressing 1.
    • Review your payments by pressing 2.
    • Check your upcoming payment dates and amount owning by pressing 3.
  • For Bill Payments, Press 5. The following message will be played: “to add or remove a vendor please go to online or mobile banking, contact our member communication centre, or visit one of our branches”.
    • To make a payment from a Chequing or Savings account, Press 1.
      • To select your payment to “vendor ___” Press 1 followed by the # sign.
      • Select from the following list, the account to transfer from:
        • From Account 12-digit account number
  • To change your Telephone Access Code, Press 6. You will then be asked to enter a new Telephone Access Code (4-8 digits) followed by the # sign. Next, the new Telephone Access Code will be repeated back to you and you will be asked to confirm it by pressing 1. You will also be able to re-enter another number if this is incorrect by pressing 2, or cancel the change altogether by pressing 9.
  • To speak to a Service Delivery Advisor, Press 0 now.
  • To return to the Main Menu, Press 9.
  • To repeat this menu, Enter #.

Important information about your Telephone Access Code (TAC) Expand/Collapse

  • when you sign up for telephone banking, you're provided with a Telephone Access Code (TAC) number; this is different from your Personal Identification Number (PIN) which you use when accessing an ATM or making an Interac purchase
  • you’ll need your TAC each time you use telephone banking
  • your TAC number is a security code that keeps your account safe, so write down your TAC and keep it in a safe place, or memorize it 
  • never give your TAC to anyone else
  • when you receive your TAC, sign in and change it to a new number
  • if you ever forget your TAC, contact the Member Communication Centre; we'll ask you some questions to establish your identity and then set up a new TAC for you

As always, we are here to help. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns either at a branch of your choice or by calling our Member Communication Centre at 204.958.8588 (toll-free 1.877.958.8588).


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