U.S. and Foreign Exchange

Wherever you travel, having local currency on hand is an easy way to pay for small purchases and expenses. ACU branches maintain a supply of U.S. currency; other currencies can be ordered in advance and available within four business days.

Foreign exchange benefits

  • convenience; U.S. dollars are almost always available at virtually every branch and other foreign currencies are usually available within four business days
  • safety; carrying local currency with you when you travel avoids any possible difficulty of exchanging currency in a foreign country
  • flexibility; ACU has access to many global currencies, so you can get the cash you need for even the most exotic vacation

Access anywhere

Your ACU debit card offers convenient access to your funds through ATMs in Canada, across the U.S.A. and internationally as well. Using your debit card is often the easiest way to get local currency in the country you're visiting and generally provides the best exchange rate. There will be transaction and currency conversion fees, but it is still less expensive than most foreign exchange bureaus and kiosks.

And one final tip: when travelling, avoid ATMs not owned by a recognized bank as you may find they charge twice the fee. Some "second party" companies place their machines next to bank ATMs, in hopes of confusing travellers. We recommend that you carry a small amount of local currency to use immediately upon your arrival (for taxis, transit, etc.), have your debit card at the ready when you require more cash and always carry at least one credit card as a back-up source of payment.

Foreign Exchange Rates (Rates effective 2020-09-28) Buying Selling
United States Dollar ($0 - $24,999)* 1.3580 1.3180
United States Dollar ($25,000 - $49,999) 1.3555 1.3205
United States Dollar ($50,000 - $99,999) 1.3530 1.3230
United States Dollar ($100,000 - $499,999)** 1.3505 1.3255

Cash/Currency - Service Fees Expand/Collapse

Canadian Coin handling $2.00 per $100.00
Foreign Currency Processing Fee (other than US) $18.00
Foreign Currency Processing Fee (other than US)
for each additional currency type
For example, if you order Pound Sterling only, the fee is $18.00. If you
order Pound Sterling and Euros you pay $18.00 + $3.00 = $21.00 fee.

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