Stop Cheques

It's easy to stop a single cheque with your online banking. You can also stop pre-authorized payments.

To stop the payment of a single cheque, please ensure:

  1. first, review your Account Activity to make sure that the cheque hasn't already been processed
  2. select Stop Cheques under Account Services from the left menu
  3. select Stop a Single Cheque and enter the cheque number
  4. to cancel a current Stop Cheque request, select Delete Stop Cheque from the menu on the left
To stop the a pre-authorized payment, Please ensure:

  1. first, review your Account Activity to make sure that the pre-authorized payment hasn't already been processed. (if you are unable to access you account online, the Member Communication Centre or any branch can review it for you as well)
  2. call the Member Communication Centre or contact your branch to stop a Pre-authorized Payment.

Before you initiate a stop cheque or pre-authorized payment, please note:

  • we'll do our best to complete your request but might not be successful if all the cheque details aren't entered properly, or if more pre-authorized payments are attempted in following days
  • if any other cheques or pre-authorized payments to or by the same person or company go through your account while we're attempting a stop payment, they'll be processed as usual
  • you're still responsible for ensuring there are funds in your account to cover any and all other transactions, or you'll be charged standard NSF fees 

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