Direct Payroll Deposit

Have your paycheque deposited automatically into your account when you set up Direct Deposit for payroll. It’s easy and convenient to arrange and gives you immediate access to your money. You can complete this payroll form [PDF] with your account information and provide it to your employer to process. 

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  • at your branch: we'll provide a printout that includes all the account information your employer needs
  • using a cheque: give your payroll department a void cheque, and your pay will go into that account
  • here's the information most employers need: 
    • name and number of financial institution: Assiniboine Credit Union (879)
    • your name exactly as it appears on your statement
    • your branch transit number (find your home branch transit number)
    • your account number in full (12 digits, as it appears on your statement)


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