Pre-Authorized Contributions

You'll never forget to save money because you don't have to remember. With Pre-Authorized Contributions, just set it and forget it. You set the amount, the frequency and where you want your money to go. TFSA, RRSPsavings account … it’s totally up to you. And best of all, it’s simple. Just call us or drop in to your branch and we’ll get you all set up.

  • PAC Draw Contest – July-August 2019 Rules and Regulations (PDF - 106.04 KB)

    Please see the rules and regulations of the Draw (the “Rules”) set out below for information on eligibility and how to enter.

  • PAC Draw Contest - July-August 2019 Release and Waiver (PDF - 87.34 KB)

    In consideration of the Grand Prize awarded to you pursuant to the ACU PAC Draw Contest (being a GIC with initial investment value of $1,000 and a minimum term of 12 months) and other good and valuable consideration, if applicable, the adequacy and receipt of which you acknowledge, you hereby agree as follows (see attached).


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