Community Partnerships

Strong communities are built by people, businesses and organizations working co-operatively for the common good. This is why we partner with a wide array of programs, companies and organizations. We believe that by working together and using our skills to benefit the community, we can all have a better, sustainable future.


Creating opportunities for individuals in our communities to engage, participate and empower themselves is key to healthy communities. If each of us had the opportunity to contribute our skills, energy and knowledge we would have much more vibrant and inclusive province. That is why ACU is proud to be a part of the following partnerships

  • AssetBuilders Partnership partners with SEED Winnipeg and United Way to provide financial training and empowerment to low-income Manitobans while helping them save for an asset with a special account at Assiniboine Credit Union.
  • Recognition Counts partners with SEED Winnipeg to provide skilled newcomers with low cost loans from Assiniboine Credit Union to help them complete qualification exams and studies required to reestablish them in their chosen career here in Manitoba.
  • Community Partner Referral Program supports individuals involved with community organizations to open a bank account at Assiniboine Credit Union.


Strong, diverse and sustainable businesses create jobs, provide services, and build neighbourhoods that are exciting to live in. What would your neighbourhood be without the local coffee shop, hardware store or daycare? From helping you launch a new business to building the co-op sector throughout the province, we partner to create growth and sustainability for all Manitobans.

  • Jubilee Fund provides loan guarantees to small business, affordable housing, and community projects. These loan guarantees are often used in conjunction with financing from ACU to help support community economic development in Manitoba.
  • Entrepreneurship Manitoba and the Canada Small Business Financing Program are just two examples of the many financing and supportive programs our Community Financial Centre uses to help co-ops and business start-ups.
  • University of Winnipeg Chair in Co-operative Enterprises works to strengthen the co-op economy by ensuring Manitoba's future business leaders have an understanding of the value, scope and impact co-operatives have on our economy.


Many in our communities use services, centres and programs provided by non-profits. From senior centres and art programs, to affordable housing, to community gardens and child care centres, non-profits play a big role in building, growing and sustaining communities. By partnering to create strong futures for our non-profits, we work to help you keep your community strong.

  • Enterprising Non-Profits is a partnership that brings together all of the local knowledge and expertise in Winnipeg's social enterprise community to help non-profits investigate, start or expand their own ventures.
  • Nourishing Potential is an initiative of the Winnipeg Foundation, and ACU is both a lead supporter and a participant in the advisory committee. We recognize the importance of healthy food and food skills on the health of people and communities. By supporting Nourishing Potential, ACU is able to have a broad impact to help promote healthy, sustainable food choices for kids.

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