Community Grants

Do you work in the areas of community inclusion, environmental sustainability, or community enterprise development? Would you like help in making your organization more sustainable? You've come to the right place! Our Sustainable Organization Grants were designed specifically to help you achieve your goals. 

Anyone who's managed a non-profit knows that the work can be very satisfying, but also frustrating. Does this sound familiar?

Your computer is old, runs slowly and keeps crashing. Your office furniture is even older and your chair gives you a backache. Employees are enthusiastic but inexperienced and there is no training budget to help with their professional development. Your website is an embarrassment. Your display materials look like they were made by a 6th grader for a science fair. You are all busy and can’t find the time to step away from day–to-day issues to consider your organization’s role and plan for the future. And where would you find the funds to do that anyway? Your donors and funders want their dollars to be allocated to programming, not to “administration”.

We're here to help! 

2018 Application Deadlines: May 1 and November 1.

Grant range: $500 to $5,000. You can apply for up to 75% of your project's costs.

We provide grants for projects such as:

Equipment. Examples: upgraded computers, office furniture, secure storage facilities

Planning. Examples: strategic plans, feasibility plans, community consultations

Public awareness. Examples: website redesign, video production, information and display materials

Professional development. Examples: leadership training, staff and board retreats, attendance at conferences and workshops

We invest in organizations working in the following areas:

Community inclusion
Organizations working to increase the social and economic participation of marginalized members of the community such as Indigenous people, newcomers, disadvantaged women or youth and people living with disabilities. 

Environmental sustainability
Organizations working to create positive solutions to environmental concerns.

Community enterprise development
Cooperatives and social enterprises (revenue-generating businesses owned/operated by non-profits primarily for the purpose of achieving social, economic, cultural or environmental goals).

Who can apply

Non-profit organizations, associations, societies, charities, cooperatives and social enterprises with missions and values consistent with ours here at Assiniboine Credit Union.

We don't provide community grants for:

  • individuals or private businesses
  • ongoing programs
  • political parties and affiliated activities
  • religious activities
  • organizations working outside of Manitoba
  • health care organizations
  • competitive sports organizations

Application and selection process

  • we accept applications twice a year; this year, our application deadlines are May 1, 2018 and November 1, 2018
  • applications must be typed and submitted on the 2018 Sustainable Organization Grant Application Form (see below); incomplete applications won't be considered
  • applications are assessed and approved by our Grants Committee
  • applications are assessed primarily for their contribution towards strengthening organizations working in our focus areas.
  • with limited funding available, we give preference to active ACU members and smaller community organizations that don't have substantial operating budgets or many other sources of funding
  • you can expect to receive notification within 6 weeks of the application deadline
  • the grants we approve are reported to our members and to the community

Limitations and conditions

  • only one Sustainable Organization Grant per year per organization is permitted
  • successful applicants must submit a short report following the completion of the project
  • organizations that received funding in prior years must submit a report before being considered for another grant
  • we expect grant recipients to appropriately recognize the contribution of Assiniboine Credit Union

2018 Community Grants Expand/Collapse

Sustainable Community Grants

Organization Project/Program Amount
Art City Equipment Upgrade & Addition $2,126
Aulneau Renewal Centre Wireless Panic Button System $1,800
Bear Clan Patrol Upgrade Bear Clan Patrol Office $5,000
Bookmates Office Equipment Purchase $2,031
Candace House Information & Communication Technology $5,000
Can You Imagine Preschool Centre Equipment Purchase $4,012
Clan Mothers Turtle Lodge Clan Mothers Healing Village Office $5,000
Columbus Centennial Seniors' Housing Cooperative Wheelchair Accessibility $1,000
FASD Life's Journey Inc Case Management Computer Upgrades $4,000
Fruit Share Fruit Share Video Series $4,000
Green Action Centre Srategic Plan Renewal 2020 $5,000
Kokum's Early Enrichment Program, Brandon Friendship Centre Recycling & Compost Program $288
MLPD - Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities Accessibility Consulting Services Pilot Project - Phase 2 $4,000
NEARC - Neighbourhood Empowerment & Resource Centre NEARC Team Professional Development $4,980
Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad Furnishings & equipment for 650 Burrows $5,000
Neecheewam Furniture Replacement $4,000
Niigaanaki Day Care Centre Laptop Computer $1,500
North End Wellness Centre Equipment Replacement $2,500
North End Wellness Seniors Building Administrative Capacity $2,775
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Centre Manitoba Complusive Hoarding Program $3,225
Osborne Village Resource Centre Chair Replacement $5,000
Pollock's Hardware Coop Computer & Website Upgrade $5,000
Siloam Mission Website Redefine & Redevelopment $5,000
SISTARS - Sisters Initiating Steps Towards A Renewed Society Organizational Logo & Website Development $4,144
South Osborne Place Housing Cooperative Asset Management Plan & Accessibility Audit $1,976
Sunshine House Communications & Campaign Coordination $5,000
Trailblazers Life Choices Website and Online Enhancements $4,650
Urban Stable/The Horse Connection Computer and Office Upgrades $5,000
Westminster Housing Coop Bicycle Room Project $1,830
WRENCH WRENCH,ca Reboot $5,000
Total Sustainable Organization Grants   $109,837

Other Grants

Assiniboine Park Conservancy Imagine a Place Capital Campaign $10,000
Canadian CED Network, Manitoba Social Enterprise Manitoba $15,000
Financial Access Community Partners Access Grants for ACU Membership $4,500
Habitat for Humanity Manitoba 2018 Habitat Build $5,000
IRCOM – Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba Core Funding $10,000
Jubilee Fund Core Funding $10,000
Lake Winnipeg Foundation Monitoring our Waterways $5,000
Macdonald Youth Services Youth Resource Centre Capital Campaign $5,000
Old Grace Housing Coop Capital Support $10,000
Pulford Community Living Services Home Purchase $10,000
South Osborne Housing Coop Building Condition Assessment Grant $2,000
Westboine Park Housing Coop Building Condition Assessment Grant $2,000
Total Other Grants   $88,500


Total Community Grants up to June 30, 2018 $198,337

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