75 Years of Manitoba: ACU Calendar Contest

Enter ACU's 2019 Calendar Photo Contest

Have you entered Assiniboine Credit Union’s (ACU) 75th Anniversary 2019 Manitoba Calendar contest? The deadline for entries is July 31, 2018. Submit up to two of your best photos for a chance to have one featured in the ACU 2019 Calendar. Please see the rules, guidelines, regulations and disclaimers of the Calendar contest (the “Rules”) set out below for information on how to enter.

  • Submit your photos of historical Manitoba communities, buildings, sites, or artifacts from the past 75 years for a chance to win $75-$750!
  • Old photos, or current photos of historical Manitoba, are what we're looking for! But please, no people or pets. We want to see places that remind us of 75 years of history in Manitoba. Black and white or colour – your choice.

Contest Rules

  • The contest is open to all ACU members.
  • We are looking for photos of Winnipeg and Manitoba over the past 75 years. Photos of people or pets will not be accepted.
  • Limit of two photo entries per entrant.
  • Each entry is free of charge.
  • All entries not respecting the theme or the technical/authorship requirements set out in these Rules will not be allowed entry into the contest.
  • In celebration of ACU’s 75th Anniversary, we will be awarding prizes of $75 to each of the fourteen (14) entrants selected to have their photos featured in the ACU 2019 Calendar.
  • In addition to the $75 prize awarded for each of the 14 featured photos, a grand prize of $750 will be awarded by random draw to one (1) of the 14 winners.
  • Notwithstanding that each entrant may enter up to 2 photos; each entrant may only win and be featured once in the ACU 2019 Calendar.
  • Winners will also receive photo credit in the calendar and 5 free ACU 2019 Calendars to share with family and friends.
  • Board members and staff of ACU, and their immediate family members, are not eligible to participate in the contest.

Submission Guidelines

  • Entries will be accepted by e-mail only. Attach your photo with the required information, and send it to marketing@assiniboine.mb.ca to enter the contest.
  • All entries must be received by 11:59 pm CDT on July 31, 2018. No entries received after this time will be considered.
  • By entering the contest and submitting a photo, each entrant represents that he/she is the sole owner of the photo submitted and no other party has any intellectual property or other creative rights or claims in respect of the photo submitted.
  • Each digital photo entry must be:
    • No smaller than 2000 X 1500 pixels (3 megapixels, approximately 9 MB in RGB mode);
    • High resolution with no dust particles nor blurry and/or out of focus;
    • In horizontal/landscape format;
    • Photos may be either colour or black-and-white.
    • Format should be in JPEG, PNG or GIF.
    • In an unaltered and unenhanced state except for basic cropping or color correction. The content and context of the image should in no way be altered or enhanced;
    • If your photo is selected but is pre-digital or of insufficient resolution for the purposes of the ACU 2019 Calendar, we may ask that you bring it in to be professionally scanned.
  • All of the following information must be provided in the email to which the digital photo entry is attached:
    • Your Name and Age (and the name of a parent or guardian if you are a minor)
    • Your Address and Telephone Number
    • Where the photo was taken (location)
    • When the photo was taken (month and year)
    • What is in the photo (content)
    • Photo title
    • Branch of choice (the branch named on your ACU 2019 Calendar if your photo is selected)

Selection Process and Notification

  • Entries will be judged by anonymous delegates of ACU based on the artistic and technical quality of the photograph in the opinion of such delegates. The delegates’ decisions will be final and binding.
  • ACU will announce the winners during the week of August 13-17, 2018, by publication on ACU’s website. By entering the contest, an entrant consents to publication of his/her name and photo on ACU’s website for this purpose.
  • Only winners will be contacted directly by email.
  • Winning photos will be used in the ACU 2019 Calendar and to promote ACU’s 2020 calendar photo contest, and for such other purposes as ACU may determine.
  • By entering the contest, the entrant is deemed to have agreed that if his/her photo is selected as a winner, ACU will have exclusive rights to use and publish the selected photo at any time and from time to time, without any compensation to the entrant other than the $75 prize award. Entrants also agree that ACU has the right but not the obligation to publish the names and likenesses of the contest winners as the photographers of the winning photos.
  • Without requirement to do so, ACU may, as a condition of the prize award, require a written license and waiver from the winner related to winner’s rights in the photo.


  • By entering the contest, an entrant is deemed to have read and agreed with all Rules of the contest. ACU reserves the right to rule on any issue(s) not covered by these Rules. In the event that an entrant should disagree with any decision made by ACU, the entrant’s sole remedy is to withdraw his or her entry prior to the deadline for entries. All related expenses incurred shall be borne solely by the entrant. No entries may be withdrawn after the deadline for entries has passed.
  • An entrant is entirely responsible for all entry-related costs, including but not limited to purchase or renting of equipment, use of computer systems, transmission fees, etc. ACU is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur during the sending of entries via the Internet or for any problems or damages experienced by the entrant due to forces beyond the control of ACU, such as but not limited to troubles relating to computer networks, computer virus infections or unauthorized computer access. ACU is also not responsible for any unfortunate or unwelcome occurrences and/or damages that may befall entrants as a result of entering the contest.
  • An entrant must possess the exclusive rights to each entered photo and is responsible for having obtained any necessary permissions relating to the subject and/or subject matter of the photo. ACU is not responsible for any claims or complaints against infringement of rights or damages from third parties relating to the subject and/or subject matter of entries, and the entrant agrees to indemnify and hold ACU harmless in such cases. A photograph which displays an identified or identifiable person may infringe on such person’s right of privacy or may disclose such person’s personal information. An entrant shall use due care to avoid any infringement of personal rights including but not limited to obtaining necessary permission from such person to the use of his or her name or likeness prior to entering the photo in the contest.

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