Gaining Support for the Organization

How Do You Receive Money?

As a non-profit organization, the majority of your funding will likely come from small, individual contributions, given by those who believe in what you're trying to do and want to support your cause. It's essential that you make it easy for them to contribute financially. If the process of donating is too difficult, they'll be less likely to help.

Have an Account

It's important to register your non-profit's name so that you can start an account that's right for your organization. This will allow you to more easily budget the amount of money that comes in and goes out. Another benefit to having a separate account is that you can cash cheques made out to your organization, which will give you a sense of legitimacy.

You can also establish a merchant credit card account. Just contact the financial institution that services your business and tell them that you want to be able to receive credit card contributions. Once you have this option in place, it will make it very easy for people to contribute financially.

Making Contact

If you are approaching members of the community through a face-to-face campaign, they can simply make cash donations, or pay with personal cheques. It's easy for you and for them, and there are no service charges involved. If you're using a mail-out campaign, people will be able to pay with cheque or credit card.

There are also many websites that help people make charitable donations to non-profits online. If you register with one of these companies, you can reach countless people that might want to help your project.

Look into all of your options. The easier you make it for people, the more likely they are to make a contribution to your cause.



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