Group RRSP Services

Anything an employer can offer a team member as an incentive is a very good thing, indeed. One easy answer is a Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan; employees have a voice in their selection of investments, they get the same tax benefits as they would from a personal RRSP and enjoy the added convenience of their contributions being deducted at payroll, with you as employer contributing as well. Aren't you the best boss ever!


  • convenience; with a Group RRSP, your staff can make regular contributions through payroll deduction
  • professional support; specialists assist employees in the selection of their investments and offer the same high level of personalized service and advice that individual clients enjoy
  • our Group Plans feature a comprehensive range of investment options, including Savings Accounts, GICs and Mutual Funds*

There's some flexibility as to how Group RRSPs can be structured to achieve certain goals, such as:

  • you can establish a waiting period so that only employees that have been with a company for a certain period of time are eligible to participate; this can be a way for you to reduce employee turnover and create loyalty
  • the plan can be structured to reward employees differently based on their tenure with the company; for example, you can increase your matching contribution the longer an employee stays with a company
  • the percentage matching contribution and maximums can vary for different categories of employees, depending on your objectives
  • if your company hits a financial speedbump, you can stop or change your matching contributions

To learn more or to open a Group RRSP, please contact an ACU financial account manager or a Credential Asset Management Inc. advisor.

*Mutual funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc. 


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