Financing Options

It not only takes courage, smarts and perseverance to run a successful business, it also takes money. And sometimes, the money you need to use or should be using, is not your own. Because sometimes, it's just smarter to lease instead of purchase, to use a credit card instead of cash, and to finance your operations or growth with a loan or a line of credit. But you know that already. Because you're smart.

Business Credit Card

Using a business credit card from Assiniboine Credit Union can actually help improve your cash flow and simplify expense management. It's the one card that's perfect for small business owners as well as employees of larger companies.

Business Financing Options

Your business might be just you, your talents and a concept. Or, it could be a manufacturing plant with you, a hundred employees and a board of directors. There's still one thing in common; you need money to maintain your operations, purchase assets and fund your growth. ACU can help you with four types of financing and funding; business loans, lines of credit, commercial mortgages and leasing.

Leasing Services

Leasing is the go-to answer for businesses and organizations that want to keep fluid and keep moving forward, while ensuring your equipment and technology is as current as possible. Instead of purchasing equipment outright or financing through a loan, why not look at leasing through Concentra Financial, one of our commercial partners.


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