Chequing Accounts

One of the secrets to keeping a business streamlined and running lean is to use only products and services you really need. That's why we've created seven different chequing accounts, with varying options. Whether you just want to keep it basic, need an account that lets you write a lot of cheques, or just a few, we've got you covered. But before you visit us to open your account, please check what membership documentation is required for businesses or organizations.

For more information on becoming a business member, please contact us.

Community Builder

Our Community Builder Chequing account bears interest, has many free features and is designed for not-for-profit organizations, clubs, associations and charity groups.

Basic Business

If your small business doesn't do a lot of banking transactions and you'd prefer to pay only for the transactions you make, this account lets you "pay as you go".

Business 25

When your business only does a limited number of transactions a month, then our low-fee Business 25 Chequing account makes perfect sense, with 25 transactions included per month.

Business 75

Up to 75 free monthly transactions makes sense if your business does a medium to larger number of monthly transactions.

Business 125

Created especially for businesses with a high number of transactions who'd like the predictability of a flat monthly fee with a set number of free transactions.

Business 200

Ideal for businesses with high balances and transaction volumes, along with the added bonus of paying interest daily on your closing balance.

U.S. Business

For businesses that regularly have U.S. dollar transactions and deposits and that travel frequently to the U.S.A. 


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