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When it comes to business banking, we have one goal in mind: to make dealing with the finances of your business easier. As a business owner, we know your time is precious. Our expert advisors will work with you to create the best solutions to your business financial needs.

Business Financial

Our Business Financial Centre (BFC) champions local business, serving small and medium enterprises, as well as public institutions such as schools and hospitals.

Community Financial Centre

Through our Community Financial Centre (CFC), we offer unique expertise in financing non-profits, co-operatives, social enterprises, and micro-entrepreneurs unable to meet conventional lending criteria.

Starting Your Business

Whether you’re creating a business plan, dealing with legal issues or setting up a home office, we can help get your business off the ground, and keep it running.

Starting a Not-For-Profit

To be part of one of the fastest growing sectors in Canadian business, you need a clear understanding of what you will face. Is your organization needed? What’s the competition like? Can you gather the needed resources and finances? What are the rules? We can help.


Business banking is about saving, investing, and sometimes borrowing money. But it can be a lot more complicated too. We help you do it all in a way that best suits you and your business. Why? Because our bottom line is your bottom line.


Every business needs a helping hand now and then. Short term or long term, small amount or something more significant, you have someone who understands what it takes to be successful, and who can give you the guidance you’re looking for.


To put it simply, when you know more, you make better decisions. Whether the world of investing intimidates or excites you, it’s nice to know that you have someone you can rely on to give great advice that could save you money, and increase your investment earning power.


Face it, in business, just like in life, stuff happens. Insurance can help. Life, home, travel, credit disability, critical illness, auto, through our wholly owned subsidiary, Winnipeg Insurance Brokers, we have it covered.


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