Co-operative Values

As a financial co-operative, the democratically elected board of directors of Assiniboine Credit Union is guided by the International Co-operative Principles and is therefore committed to governing ethically and transparently while being accountable to our 110,000+ members. As a member-owner, you vote for the members you want to see representing you on the board of directors. And as a member of Assiniboine Credit Union, you're also part of a global movement of 1 billion people who are members of 2.6 million co-ops around the world.

International Co-operative Principles

No matter what country they're based in, co-operatives generally operate according to principles adopted by the International Co-operative Alliance.

How co-ops build a better world

Co-operatives exist to serve their members as well as local, national, regional and international mandates. As a member, you are part of a local company that cares while also part of the bigger co-operative movement. Your decision to join Assiniboine Credit Union helps us make a difference today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Today, co-ops employ over 250 million people around the world. In Canada, there are 18 million members of 9,000 co-ops, who contribute over $50 billion to the Canadian economy and support over 600,000 jobs. More than 100,000 members are involved in governing their co-operative. Manitoba is home to over 350 co-ops; in 2010, Manitoba co-ops contributed over $1.7 billion in economic value to the Manitoba economy. Read more:

Credit unions around the world make a difference in their communities. Every year in October we celebrate International Credit Union Day together. Read more:

Some choices matter, including choosing where you bank. It’s time to get the message out; where we choose to bank has a massive impact on our communities. Watch this:

In this video produced for Co-op Week in Canada, co-operators from 15 countries ask “what if” our co-op advantages were well understood by all people, and available to more people? It’s a message of hope for economic progress and working together. Watch this:



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