This is Who We Are

Assiniboine Credit Union. Money doing more.

This simple thought holds a bigger truth. It represents the way we do business, our promise to our members and our commitment to the communities we live and work in. We do business guided by the principles of "values-based banking", meaning that the way we run our credit union ensures we remain financially strong while being socially, environmentally and ethically responsible.

We believe that money can and should, be used for good. To bring financial comfort, to help people's lives and to improve the environment. We're fortunate to be in a position to be able to use our expertise and our resources to nurture self-reliant and sustainable communities, to help those less fortunate, and to help our members achieve the quality of life they're seeking. All the while, we remain critically aware of the impact of our business decisions on employees, members, the environment and on the communities we serve.

We will never forget that our members are also the owners of Assiniboine Credit Union. They've shaped what we've become today, they're pretty happy with the results and feel good about being part of something bigger, a financial co-operative that's dedicated to the triple bottom line of improving the lives of people, bettering the planet and creating prosperity.

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Mission, Vision and Values

As a socially responsible co-operative, we provide financial services for the betterment of our members, employees and communities. Our vision is a world where financial services in local communities contribute to a sustainable future for all. We are guided by our values and we act in the best interests of our members, employees, communities and the environment.

Values-Based Banking

So what does values-based banking really mean? Simple, really; we do business in a way that's financially sound while being socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible. We believe in our hearts and in our minds that values-based banking contributes to long-term business success and helps build a better world for all. We see the change. We know it's working.

Co-operative Values

As a financial co-operative, our democratically-elected board of directors is committed to governing ethically and transparently and is accountable to our over 110,000 member-owners. And as a co-operative guided by the International Co-operative Principles, member owners are part of a global movement of 1 billion people who are members of 2.6 million co-ops around the world.

Serving Our Members

Our whole reason for being is to serve you, our member-owners. As an Assiniboine Credit Union member, you'll be served by a smart, inspired and friendly group of employees who are members of the credit union, just like you. As an Assiniboine Credit Union member, you also benefit from investments we're making in the communities you live in, because we know that matters to you as it matters to us. 

More Than a Great Place to Work

We really do love the people we work with. And it shows; Assiniboine Credit Union offers a competitive compensation package that rewards employee members with competitive financial compensation along with an appealing number of benefits and rewards. We also offer the opportunity for our employees to be part of something bigger, a co-operative workplace that puts beliefs into action, creates better communities and ultimately, a better world.

Investing in Our Communities

Assiniboine Credit Union is a values-based financial co-operative with a mission of providing financial services for the betterment of our members, employees and communities. As part of this mission, we invest our skills and resources to create positive social impact in our communities.

Environmental Responsibility

Ensuring that Assiniboine Credit Union members have a healthy environment to live in is an important way for us to serve our members and contribute to our communities. Our members shape who we are and how we behave; they have the right to know that our actions align with their values.

Our Commitment is Recognized

At Assiniboine Credit Union, we continuously strive for excellence in serving our members, in creating an inspired and talented team of employees, and in serving and bettering the communities where we live. We are proud, grateful (and humbled) to receive awards and accolades from those who recognize our success and achievements.


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