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ACU and other credit unions offer their members the usual financial products such as loans, mortgages, plus different kinds of accounts and investments and professional financial counselling. We're fundamentally different than banks in a couple of areas, though; ownership, and principles of operation. When you join ACU or another credit union, you become an owner in a financial co-operative, with a share equal to other owners. No more, no less. If you bank at a bank, you're a client, and you'll always be a client (unless you're a shareholder as well), and you won't have a say in how things are run.  As an ACU member, you have a vote and a say in how we do business, how profits are invested, and who represents you on our board of directors.

These policies and principles both govern and guide us in how we interact with our members, our employees and our partnerships with other community builders. That makes your $5 membership share a great personal investment, and an investment in the people and communities of Manitoba.

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Becoming an ACU member is easy.

Apply online. We'll be in touch shortly, and arrange a meeting at your neighbourhood branch to open your membership and account.

Phone us. We'll answer any questions, and set up a get-together at your branch to complete your membership and open your account. 

Drop into the nearest branch. Come by anytime we're open for a meet & greet with our people (all members) and we'll get you started.

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Becoming a member of Assiniboine is easy. Get started today with our online application. Once we receive your basic information, we'll set up a meeting to finish off the process. Just click the Apply Now button below!