Policies and Committees

Having solid governing policies in place greatly helps ACU management run the Credit Union effectively and properly. ACU is governed by 25 policies, which are regularly reviewed for relevance. Board Committees are responsible for monitoring adherence to specific governing policies:

Audit & Risk Committee

  • Asset Liability Matching Policy
  • Asset Securitization Policy
  • Auditor Independence Policy
  • Capital Adequacy & Sourcing Policy
  • Credit Policy
  • Derivatives Policy
  • Detecting & Deterring Proceeds of Crime Policy
  • Enterprise Risk Management Policy
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Policy
  • Liquidity Risk Policy
  • Management Expenditure Authorities Policy​
  • Operational Risk Policy
  • Outsourcing Risk Policy
  • Regulatory Risk Policy

Governance & Ethics Committee

  • Anti-Spam Policy
  • Code of Conduct & Business Ethics Policy
  • Community Investment Policy
  • Member Privacy Policy
  • Member Service Policy
  • Protected Reporting Policy
  • Related Party Transactions Policy
  • Stakeholder Communication Policy
  • Values-Based Banking Policy

Human Resources Policy & Compensation Committee

  • Compensation Philosophy Policy
  • Employment Principles Policy

Committee Participation

Audit & Risk Committee
Kevin Freedman (Chair), Dennis Anderson, Marina James, Marlene Lock

Governance & Ethics Committee
Anne Lindsey (Chair), Kevin Freedman, Crystal Laborero, Paul Lacap

Human Resources Policy & Compensation Committee
Paul Lacap (Chair), Crystal Laborero, Anne Lindsey, Alain Molgat

Nominating Committee
Dennis Anderson (Chair), James Magnus-Johnston, Priti Mehta-Shah


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