Board Committees

Each member of the ACU Board participates in at least one committee. The committees assist the Board with various tasks. For 2018-2019, the committees are:

Audit and Risk Committee

Assists with ensuring that an effective enterprise risk management framework is in place to manage risks, to ensure that financial and regulatory risks are effectively controlled and managed, and to ensure that the reporting of financial results is reliable.

Committee Chair: Kevin Freedman

Governance and Ethics Committee

Assists with providing effective governance that evolves with the needs of ACU, including Board development and succession planning, as well as ensuring that decisions made are consistent with ACU’s commitment to values-based banking, and that policies are in place for the ethical conduct of directors and employees, to propel social impact and to be responsive to and engage with members, employees, the community and other key stakeholders.

Committee Chair: Anne Lindsey

Human Resources Policy and Compensation Committee

Assists with ensuring that policies are in place to provide employees with fair and meaningful employment in a safe and respectful workplace that includes and accommodates a diverse workforce. As well, this committee assists with evaluating and compensating the president and CEO.

Committee Chair: Paul Lacap

Nominating Committee

Assists with identifying qualified candidates for election to the Board of Directors and in providing for the proper conduct of the election.

Committee Chair: Dennis Anderson


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