Life is full of ‘what ifs’. What if you suddenly can’t work anymore? What if you get sick or have an accident while on vacation? What if you die prematurely? What if you aren’t prepared for the financial burdens you and your family could face as the result of the unexpected?

Through Assiniboine's wholly owned subsidiary, Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited, you can now access an even larger selection of insurance services. Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited offers a wide variety of vehicle, home, travel and commercial insurance through various insurance companies, including ACU's long-time insurance partner, Credit Union Mutual Insurance Services (CUMIS). Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited will seek out the best coverage for your needs; CUMIS, which offers exclusive member-only insurance, is frequently a first choice for Assiniboine Credit Union members.

Here is some of the insurance coverage we offer in-branch, at Assiniboine Financial Group, or through Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited.