At ACU, we understand that strong, sustainable communities are good for people and good for business. So, as a company driven by corporate social responsibility, we put our profits back into the communities we serve.

But it’s not just about money. Through our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we also work alongside like-minded individuals, groups and organizations to help make our communities inclusive, environmentally sustainable and economically self-reliant.

  • Our guiding principles direct our community investments as well as how we award sponsorships and grants.
  • Learn how ACU is investing in community through financial services, purchasing decisions, partnerships, and dollars.
  • Find out about ACU's sound environmental practices, and how you can do your part for the environment.
  • Meet some of our community builders, ACU employees who share their skills and resources – as part of their job and often on a volunteer basis – to support people and programs in the community.