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We champion local business through our Business and Community Financial Centres, Winnipeg’s most diverse commercial lender. BFC goes beyond lending money to businesses, co-operatives, and not-for-profit organizations to providing the financial counseling and advice you need to succeed. Talk to us - you’ll find our flexible approach refreshing!

  • Our Business Financial Centre is the hub of traditional business lending, providing financial services to small and medium enterprises, and public institutions such as schools, hospitals, universities, and colleges.
  • Our Community Financial Centre is home to our innovative community lending serving non-profits, co-operatives, social enterprises and micro-entrepreneurs. We can help you grow your non-profit organization with customized lending products, as well as special programs and partnerships.
  • With a business line of credit , you have immediate access to pre-approved funds you can use whenever and however you want. We also provide the peace of mind that comes with letters of credit.
  • Convenient, flexible and accepted world-wide, our Business MasterCard provides expanded features for convenience and financial control to small businesses and corporate members.
  • Our in-house expertise, knowledge of the local market, flexible terms and competitive rates make us leaders in commercial real estate financing for real estate investors and developers.
  • We partner with Concentra Financial to provide commercial leasing as an alternative to purchasing equipment outright or financing purchases through a loan.