Throughout 2013, members will see, hear and exchange their stories of inspiration.

Story telling has long been a means to share experience and ideas. Through their stories, our members will get to know each other and better understand how the good things that happen at ACU have helped them along the way, and connected with some important aspect of their lives or their communities.

What inspires you?  Maybe you’re also looking to make a difference in the world, invest in something you believe in, save for your child’s future or simply chase your dreams.

What inspires us? You do. We’re inspired by our members and your stories and we hope you’ll think about sharing your story with us. No story is too small or too large, too simple or complex. But there’s one common element in them all – ACU had a role to play in making your inspired idea a reality.


Urban Eatin' Social Purchasing Portal Social Enterprise Centre
Makoonsag Intergenerational Children's Centre Meet Kim and Spark Archangel Fireworks
Winnipeg FoodShare Co-op Peg City Car Co-op Neil Bardal Funeral Centre
SEED Inn at The Forks
Dennis Cunningham SWEEP MAWA
Diversity Food Services It's Raining Cats and Dogs Peg City Car Co-op
Nourishing Potential Jhazz Ng IRCOM
Gunn's Bakery MTS Iceplex Ken-Pickering
Jagear Muhamad Robertson-Mynarski Residents Association Raymond
Waboden Gardeners ACU employees buzzing about the Soup Bee Andrea & Melanie
Alvin Keppler & Responsible Electronics Recycling Sarah & Kathleen Maude & Charaf
Char and Scott Agnes Matt and Lisa
Heather Christine Meet Lawrence
Ben Penni Mitchell, Managing Editor of Herizons Magazine Meg
Ukrainian Labour Temple


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