When you open your account with Assiniboine Credit Union, you become a member and an owner of a successful, caring company.

As a member, you have a vote and a say in how your business is run, how your profits are invested, and who represents you on our Board of Directors. Our unique way of doing business involves not only offering competitive services, products and rates, but also putting policies in place that help build strong, self-reliant communities. These policies are integrated into our approach to our members, our employees and our partnerships with other community builders. That makes your $5 membership share a great investment for you and your community.

Our service philosophy is member-focused with an emphasis on building strong, enduring relationships and expert advice. This focus has consistently led our members to express high levels of satisfaction with their Assiniboine experience.

Given the choice, more and more people want to be part of a company that is both profitable and compassionate. We are that company. You belong here.

It’s easy to become an Assiniboine Credit Union member. Simply visit any of our branches and ask to open an account. To save time, you may want to call our Member Communication Centre at 204.958.8588 to set up an appointment first. Or, complete our online membership application, submit it electronically and we’ll call you to make an appointment to complete the process.